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Yummy Nut Bars

Wendy, our wonderful nutritionist cooked up this delicious treat for our recent Banksia Bunch end of year get together and they disappeared in a flash. This is a very simple, healthy and super tasty treat from Pete Evans. Ingredients 1 cup almonds 1 cup pecans 1 cup...

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Zucchini Fritters

These simple fritters are a great breakfast with some bacon and leafy greens and are so simple to make. They are lovely cold and make a great lunch box filler. You can also ring the changes and make them with sweet potato. Ingredients 3 handfuls of zucchini, grated 2...

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Chocolate Goodie Balls

Try these delicious balls of nutritional goodness next time you are craving a sweet treat.  You can play around with the ingredients adding different types of nuts seeds and flavouring. Makes 7 balls. Ingredients 1/2 cup almonds 12 dates 1 tsp vanilla extract 2 tblsp...

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Get outside and move

Exercising outside can be exhilarating and challenging in equal measures. But once we have faced our fears, whatever they may be and taken that first step, the rewards both physically and mentally are superb. Charmaine, our lead practitioner is a keen paddler....

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Breast Health

Did you know your breasts could cost you $35,000 or more if you don’t take care of them? Most woman have been touched by breast cancer in some way and have seen the physical, emotional and financial effects of this vicious disease on a friend or family member. There...

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Women are great pretenders

How many times have you put a smile on your face when you feel sad inside? How many times have you soldiered on when you are just exhausted? How many times have you gone to do something but forgot what it was? How many times has fear stopped you from doing things? How...

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Easy Banana Bread

Try this delicious grain, gluten and lactose free Banana Bread .  It is great for a sweet snack that doesn’t have much sugar and a good way to use those older bananas. Ingredients ½ cup coconut flour ½ cup almond flour (for a nut free version use tapioca flour) 1 cup...

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Slim, Trim and Terrific

Recently I was talking to a man about women and their weight, and he mentioned how his wife had gained some extra kilos since having their third child and she was finding difficult to loose. Over time it was slowly creeping on her stomach, her thighs and hips. But his...

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