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When did you become so moody?

As your children play happily around you your blood begins to boil. Everything they do just irks you. Their squeals are like fingernails on a chalkboard, they bounce too much and ask too many questions. Not-to-mention the way your husband rattles the teaspoon in his...

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5 Routines for Great Health

As women we spend so much time nurturing others that we don't always take the time to invest in our own health. In the following video, Charmaine shares 5 routines she follows and promotes for maintaining great health: 5 Routines for Great Health 1. Nourish yourself...

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10 simple guidelines for healthy eating

Eating is a natural part of living and the types of food we eat can and will affect your body, your mind and your energy. If you are a person who feels the cold then eating ice cream on a daily basis will make you colder. If you are a person who feels the heat, then...

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Climbing the Mountain of Life

As I climbed Mount Archer in the rain recently it made me reflect on my year and how climbing the mountain was akin to achieving dreams and goals in your life. During my hour-long uphill walk I was faced with lots of toads which for me, represented obstacles and...

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Do you have that sinking feeling?

Day after day she knew how easy it would be to simply drive off the mountain road. She was so sad, so tired, so unhappy with her life and with herself. But she knew that for the sake of her husband and children – and herself – she had to do something. Do you know that...

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Give yourself permission

When was the last time you gave yourself permission to stop and relax? To wear Nice clothes or invest in some pretty underwear? To have some time out just for you, to nourish yourself to preserve the wonderful person you really are? Do something for yourself that you...

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It’s Autumn – time to detox

Your body is constantly being bombarded with toxins from foods, preservatives, medications and your environment. You are forever breathing in fumes and frequently touching metals that can be absorbed into your body through your skin. In fact there have been over 80,...

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Are your periods normal?

How do you know if your period is normal? As women we often just get on with things believing that monthly symptoms such as sore breasts, cramps headaches, bloating, bowel changes, fluid retention, acne or mental concerns of irritability, tears, or mood changes are...

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