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Charmaine’s Health Journey

How long have you been hiding? Hiding who you are? What you have done? What you have been through? For me I have hidden my illness, which was back in 1995. I was 36 years of age and I had a cancerous lump in my pancreas. During this time my children were five and...

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Tears of Sadness or Happiness?

As I sit here with tears rolling down my face, tears that have and do cause me embarrassment. Tears that make me so choked up I can not speak. These Tears that represent fear of doing new activities and adventure.  Plus tears that represent my past experiences of my...

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Beating the sugar blues

Do you have a sweet tooth? We all love eating something sweet whether it is a cake, biscuit, or a desert. It goes down very easily and tastes yum to our palette. But how often are you eating sweet foods? You might say to yourself you don’t eat lot of sugar and maybe...

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Stress Exhaustion Breakthrough

Stress Exhaustion Breakthrough Do you have Emotional outbursts? Unexplained Tears? Irrational Anger Explosions? Irritability with everyone including Yourself And that constant feeling of Stress Exhaustion and symptoms of being Overtired? But want that Breakthrough?...

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