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Stress Exhaustion Breakthrough

Stress Exhaustion Breakthrough Do you have Emotional outbursts? Unexplained Tears? Irrational Anger Explosions? Irritability with everyone including Yourself And that constant feeling of Stress Exhaustion and symptoms of being Overtired? But want that Breakthrough?...

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Learning from Anne Frank

The infamous Anne Frank wrote a journal of her life throughout World War II. The journal was her focus and helped her process life and atrocities around her and in fact it was most probably her journal that drove her to survive as long as she did. Although she was...

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How will menopause affect you?

Known as 'the change' menopause affects every woman in different ways. Menopause occurs when your ovaries stop producing hormones, in particular oestrogens. It can start as young as early 30's or as late as in your 40's or 50's and the range of symptoms vary as do the...

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Finding the child within

In childhood we played games, played dressed-ups, did role plays and we used our imagination endlessly. We climbed trees, made mud pies and got dirty. We clopped around in our mother's high heels or our father's big work boots chuckling at the hilarity of ourselves....

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Are your Hot Flushes getting you down?

Women just like you often put up with not sleeping. Throwing off the sheets at night to cool down and getting out of bed to change the sheets or pyjamas as you are all wet from the night sweats. This is usually between 3 to 5 times a night especially as our weather...

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Holiday to just B

Recently I had a holiday to the Solomon Islands where my husband and I relaxed, paddled kayaks for 60k, went into villages and came to see how they lived. During these 7 days my focus was to just B. Be in the location I was at, to stop, look and listen and observe...

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