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Discovering life without pain

Jenny* a 36 year old mother of 2 young children. She has a wonderful husband and takes care of her family in addition to working. But Jenny was constantly aching and in pain. Thin-framed and hurting all the time, Jenny has lived with Rheumatoid arthritis for more than...

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“I haven’t felt this good for 10 years!”

“I haven't felt this good for 10 years!” Recently these exact words were said to me by a lady in my clinic.  At first I was gobsmacked and thought how sad that was for her and her family. I felt so sorry for what she had missed out on due to being tired, exhausted and...

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Charmaine’s Health Journey

How long have you been hiding? Hiding who you are? What you have done? What you have been through? For me I have hidden my illness, which was back in 1995. I was 36 years of age and I had a cancerous lump in my pancreas. During this time my children were five and...

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Tears of Sadness or Happiness?

As I sit here with tears rolling down my face, tears that have and do cause me embarrassment. Tears that make me so choked up I can not speak. These Tears that represent fear of doing new activities and adventure.  Plus tears that represent my past experiences of my...

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How much does your health actually cost you?

If you're like most women, the only time you seek any help with your health is when you're on your deathbed. The times when you can no longer go to work or run a household. The times when you know if you don't get help, you're going to end up in hospital. But why is...

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Indicators it’s time to detox your body

Every day your body is constantly being bombarded with toxins from bad food choices, the environment, medications and a range of other sources you constantly touch, consume or inhale. In fact daily you are inhaling fumes and inadvertently consume chemicals regardless...

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Do Your Hormones Change Like the Weather?

Do your hormones change like the weather? Being a woman can be a real juggling act. You go about life doing the best you can but when that time of the month comes around things come to a grinding halt and it's not uncommon for your body to play tricks on you. That...

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Stress Exhaustion Breakthrough

Stress Exhaustion Breakthrough Do you have Emotional outbursts? Unexplained Tears? Irrational Anger Explosions? Irritability with everyone including Yourself And that constant feeling of Stress Exhaustion and symptoms of being Overtired? But want that Breakthrough?...

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Natural Essentials for Holiday Travel

We spend a lot of time and money to travel our amazing world. Whether it's for a short trip or a protracted stay, being able to travel various parts of our globe is a true privilege. However one thing that can spoil our travel plans in one foul blow is sickness....

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Learning from Anne Frank

The infamous Anne Frank wrote a journal of her life throughout World War II. The journal was her focus and helped her process life and atrocities around her and in fact it was most probably her journal that drove her to survive as long as she did. Although she was...

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