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Suffering pain, may that be arthritis, inflammation or muscle injury, can be debilitating. Experiencing symptoms of redness, swelling and or pain can take one’s breath away and impact daily life. It is important to find the best support and solution for you, whatever pain you are experiencing.

At Banksia Women’s Healing Centre we make the time to find what works best for you. There are various natural ways to support pain relief.

We want get to know you and your body before tailoring a custom package to suit your unique journey to wellness.

Here are some DIY tips to try at home as well.

Pain Relief100h

Pain Relief at Home


Take regular deep breaths while concentrating on relaxing your shoulder muscles as you do this.


Fish oil is a great product to help to reduce inflammation. Most modern diets are deficient in Magnesium. Taking Magnesium in products such as Fibroplex or Endura, helps to relax your muscles and reduce your fatigue. There are also a number of Chinese herbs that reduce inflammation and your pain.


If you have a muscle injury, use Arnica Cream to help reduce your swelling and bruising. You could use a potato poultice on the injured part of your body.


If you are in pain, keep your body warm to help protect the areas that are in pain.

Epsom Salts

Soak weary muscles in an Epsom Salts bath. It is also recommended to have a weekly soak with Epsom Salts, as a preventative measure.

Pain record

Keep a record of your pain level and when you feel pain (e.g. rate your pain out of a score of ten, list the time of day you feel the pain, the type of pain – whether it is dull, achy or sharp, and write down any exercise you have been doing). This is great information for your therapist.

Back Pain

Roll out of bed

The gentlest way to get out of bed is to bend your knees and bringing them over your bedside. “Walk” your arms up the bed to raise yourself to a sitting position.

Bend your knees

Always stand with your knees slightly bent and you stomach pulled in, as a tight stomach will help to support your back.

Lock your stomach muscles

When sitting or standing, take a note if your stomach muscles are tight. If they feel loose, Pilates exercise may be a good option to help teach your stomach muscles.

Use a fit ball

Fit balls are a fun and easy way to teach your stomach muscles to support you.

Back braces

Braces are useful to help your back when you are in chronic pain, but will weaken your back and stomach muscles if used regularly.

Lose your wallet

Next time you sit down take your wallet out as it can put your hips out of balance creating pain.

Neck Pain

Use a scarf

This will keep your neck warm and will help support your neck.

Toss your handbag

Many handbags are extremely heavy. A backpack may be a better option for you to use to balance off both shoulders.

Check your pillow height

When you lay down in bed the distance from your head to your shoulder is the ideal height for your pillow to keep your neck and back straight.


Knee, Ankle & Elbow Joint Swelling

Potato Poultice

Potato poultices are an effective way to reduce swelling and bruising in your body.

Start by peeling a potato. Place the white of the potato peel against the swollen or bruised joint. Bandage the potato peel onto the body, and finish with a layer of Glad-wrap. Leave the poultice overnight. When you take the bandage off in the morning, the swelling and bruising will be reduced. Repeat the treatment on alternate days for a few days.
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Foot Pain

Check Your Shoes

If you suffer from foot pain, buy soft shoes rather than ones that are made of hard vinyl or leather. Choose closed in designed shoes that stay attached to your feet.

Marbles can be your greatest friend

Sit and try picking up these little round balls with your toes. This will stimulate the muscles and bones in your feet to be flexible and build them up to be strong.


Place feet in a bucket or tray with ½ cup of Epsom Salts with 1-2 drops of Thieves essential oil daily.

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