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Banksia Women’s Healing Centre offers Women like you:

 Pain Relief Support

Our goal is to provide support for relief of pain you might experience as a result of stress or illness. We’ll get to know you and tailor a custom approach to suit your unique journey from wherever you’re starting. Enjoy your life again.

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Energy For Busy Living

As a busy woman, you may experience lack of energy at times. We offer personalised, tailored support on your journey towards understanding and re-gaining improved wellbeing for your body.

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Menopause Transition

Menopause is different for every woman. The symptoms can be debilitating, however there are ways to support you and your individual needs. There is no need to suffer with this life change.

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Wellness Journey Support

We are genuinely interested in you and your health. You will love our support on your journey to improve and maintain your health, instead of going it alone. When was the last time you felt really cared for?

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At Banksia Women’s Healing Centre Brisbane we have helped many women who were juggling life, feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and stressed, always thinking they’re behind in getting it all done. We have seen that this can make your shoulders feel tight, create pain, anxiety and headaches daily.

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Our aim to support you in managing stress and overwhelm, we will work with you to find your happiness, confidence and energy again, so you can enjoy the right life balance for you.

Banksia Women’s Healing Centre brisbane is a Safe Haven for Women and it is managed by women. It is a safe community and safe healing place, where women like you are supported to find calm, happy, re-energizing wellness for a healthy new life style moving forward.

We are at: Shop 1/288 Dawson Parade – Arana Hills, Qld

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