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Wellness Journey Support

We are here to support you

At Banksia Healing Centre we genuinely care for every one of our clients. We have many repeat clients that have been attending the clinic for many years whom we have developed trusting relationships with. You will feel the support from our Practitioners and staff, your body and mind will physically benefit from your treatments with us. You will notice the difference in how we do things different at Banksia Women’s Healing Centre.


Five simple Health Habits

We all want to live longer, enjoy life more and be free from dis-ease and stress. We are here to help you and work with you to ensure you are living a well-balanced, healthy and harmonious life.


Nourish your Body

Embarking on a naturally healthy life journey is one way to ensure you are in total control of your lifestyle and healthcare solutions. We focus on your exact needs and use a number of therapies and healing modalities to find the best healthcare solution for you. Our skilled and passionate health practitioners incorporate Reflexology, Massage, Chinese medicine, Acupuncture, Kinesiology, Homeopathy, Cupping, Moxa, Chinese herbs, Minerals, Australian Bush Flowers, Hair Analysis, Essential oils, and AcuGraphs. When we give our body what it needs to function you will gain optimal health.


Embrace Physical Activity

Physical activity or exercise can improve your health and reduce the risk of developing several diseases. Physical exercise can have immediate and long-term health benefits. Most importantly, regular exercise can improve the quality of your life. As we age, we want to be able to continue doing all of the fun activities our friends and family are doing. Like the saying goes, “use it or loose it”. It’s important to find what excites you to get outdoors moving your body. Is it a walk at the beach or a walk in the forest? Is it jogging, dancing, swimming, yoga, cycling or lawn bowls? Ask a friend to accompany you for motivation or join a local exercise group. There are plenty of exercise classes online if you choose to do exercise in the comfort of your own home. Just start with small steps and build up to 3-4 times per week. It is also recommended to add strength training into your week. Strength training supports bone health, makes you fitter and stronger, helps your body burn calories efficiently, improves balance and promotes healthy aging. Who doesn’t want that to maintain an optimal level of wellness to live a higher quality life?



Did you know your thoughts and feelings affect your health? Your brain produces substances that can improve your health. These substances include endorphins, which are natural painkillers, and gamma globulin, which strengthens your immune system. Research shows that what your brain produces depends


As I was growing up nobody mentioned to me that my thoughts created my direction for my life and who I became as a person. It was not a subject anyone suggested until I went on my own self-discovery mode to be positive and healthy. Any influence around us creates our

thoughts and our actions, it is not until I looked at my own thoughts did I realise what I had created for my health and who I was.

Affirmations need to be written and said in this positive tone, repeated 10 to 100 times a day because your thoughts are affirmations. Display these written words in your bathroom, on your windows and walls throughout your house, on your computer or phone, wherever you are living and working to remind you, and to help your subconscious believe this change altering your thought patterning and then your actions will follow.

Another fabulous tool is to Journal, writing in a pretty note book. What you write in your journal is personal to you and you are the only one that chooses if anyone is meant to read it. So be truthful as you write, for this easy valuable tool will help you to express your emotions and clear your thoughts or even solve your concerns. I love the night session for me to write as it empties my day and clears my thoughts to help me sleep with no left over unsolved parts of my day still within my mind.

Healthy eating

In our society today we are bombarded with so much information regarding food, different diets, what food is best to eat, what not to eat and so on and then there is all the convenience packaged foods available at the supermarkets.

All of this can be very confusing, so here are a few simple guidelines that I use:

1. Does it come from our earth?

2. How much human interference is in this food?

3. Never eat in front of the television

4. 80/20 rule: 80% healthy, 20% not so good

5. Do I consume the five different flavours throughout the course of my day?

6. Does this plate of food include the five different colours?

7. Am I using food combining to aid my digestion

You are literally what you eat. Your food becomes your new cells and fuel for your body to give you energy, to nurture your organs and to feel relaxed. During your meal times you can socialise with others around you, helping you to connect with life and each other’s day. By understanding the following guidelines your digestion will perform effectively giving you energy and fantastic wellbeing.


Feeling Calm and Happy

What are the things that make you feel happy? I call this my Self Preservation – Enjoyment list or as some people may put it their Bucket list. These goals, dreams, desires can be big or small depending on you want for your life.

Firstly it is important to know what they are and then to acknowledge it, think about it, dream about it and to write these desires on paper or put on a vision board. It doesn’t matter if you achieve every single one of them or just a few but if you do not put it on paper or on a vision board it may never sink into your thoughts or your actions it could be put aside for another day.

Another aspect to discover is the clothes and shoes that you wear. This can affect your emotions and your attitude to life. Next time you put on an outfit, ask yourself, do you feel good in this?

Connect with yourself, stop, and reflect, learn to just Be. Pause and let yourself know you are enough. You have done the best you can and it is okay to pause, watch and not always be doing activities. To STOP! Do this by taking yourself to special nurturing places you enjoy. It may be near refreshing water, or sitting in a relaxing garden, or close the door of your favourite room to have your own space and just Be.