To PeelExercising outside can be exhilarating and challenging in equal measures. But once we have faced our fears, whatever they may be and taken that first step, the rewards both physically and mentally are superb.

Charmaine, our lead practitioner is a keen paddler. Although only very slight in stature, she regularly gets out on the bay with her Canoe Club in a wide range of weathers. Often she is the only lady in the group and it would be easy to her to give into negative thoughts that say “your too small to keep up with the men” “it’s too windy, you’re not strong enough to manage” and so on.

However, she’s tenacious and persistent and has overcome her fears and developed her skills and confidence on the water. These skills flow over into her daily life, be it at work or at home.

Last weekend she headed out on the bay with eleven men for a 26km trip around Peel Island. The conditions were tough, with choppy seas and headwinds. However she kept up and the group worked hard to support each other and had a great trip.

The wind was behind them on the return leg which gave them a chance to pop up their sails. This gave Charmaine a chance to reflect on her day. Exercising outside brings so much benefit to the body, beyond the physical work and allows valuable time to connect with nature. Additionally getting out in a group can provide great support and friendship, allowing you to achieve so much more than on your own.

Modern life leads us to spend too long sitting, often looking at screens, in climate controlled rooms under artificial light. So, take the time each day to get outside and move your body. Turn off all the distractions and enjoy the feeling of movement and appreciate the world around you. You will be amazed what your body can do.