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Natural Essentials for Holiday Travel

We spend a lot of time and money to travel our amazing world. Whether it’s for a short trip or a protracted stay, being able to travel various parts of our globe is a true privilege. However one thing that can spoil our travel plans in one foul blow is sickness. Whether it’s something as simple as a cold or tummy bug or something more sinister, being in another country when you’re unwell can be both annoying and a little scary depending on where you are.

Taking the time to forward plan your holiday health could mean the difference between a relaxing voyage and feeling like you’re on the ‘trip of death’ desperate to return home!!

Over the years the following Natural Travel Pack has worked well for our family during our travels and most emergencies in our lives:

  • Young Living Melaleuca essential oil – put a drop directly onto cuts, cold sores or general sores you may encounter.
  • Young Living Peppermint essential oil – great for any sinus or headaches you may have. This little beauty can be used 1 drop in hot water for a cup of tea to calm your stomach and refresh your digestion with all the different foods you might be eating.
  • Cold and Flu Chinese herbs – any sign of cold or flu nip it in the bud quickly. Take 15 tablets 3 times a day until the bottle is finished.
  • Tiger Balm – If you’re planning on a lot of walking during your holiday, chances are you’re going to get sore and tired muscles. Even carrying and dragging heavy luggage is enough to leave your muscles fatigued. Rub some tiger balm onto your sore muscles at night before bed you will feel better in the morning. Any sign of colds or flu use the tiger balm on your neck and shoulders this will also help you with your breathing and help to release the virus.
  • Slippery Elm – If you find your bowels block up at the thought of traveling, Slippery Elm will help sort you out. Take 2 slippery elm tablets 3 times a day for regularity. In the case of loose bowels, slippery elm will also work to calm your stomach and bowel. Take 1-2 tablets 3 times a day to soothe the upset.
  • Vitamins – taking good multi vitamins such as Femme Multi for women and Male Essentials for men from the Metagenics range will keep you energised and prevent you from feeling exhausted or sick. Take 1 of these daily. If you are a bit of stress bunny it is important you take extra Meta B to help with the nerves. This will help you relax and enjoy the sights around you.
  • Electrolytes – if you are doing a fitness holiday then you need to have something like Endura. This powder helps your muscles rehydrate during/after exercise and lets your muscles relax. One scoop daily mixed in water is all that is required.
  • Health bars and Nigxia Sachets – If you’re heading to a more remote location it’s worth taking some health bars and Ningxia sachets for quick easy food and to help energise your body quickly. Drinking a Ningxia sachet each day will provide you with good nutrients and antioxidants promoting your good health.
  • Meridian flow chart – This chart shows the flow of meridians in your body which control your body clock. All you need to do when you arrive at your destination is follow the lines on your body in a specific order to help balance your health and time frame this helps you to sleep at the correct time of your place of stay.

If you’re traveling and would like help packing natural essentials for your holiday, drop into  Banksia Women’s Healing Centre or call the centre on 07 3351 4691 and we can put together a personalised Natural Travel Safe Pack for you.

Enjoy your holiday!

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