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Recently I was talking to a man about women and their weight, and he mentioned how his wife had gained some extra kilos since having their third child and she was finding difficult to loose. Over time it was slowly creeping on her stomach, her thighs and hips.

But his next words shocked me, he said – “Your just lucky!”

At first I thought maybe I am.  But thinking about this I then said to him, I have had to work at looking after my body to stay slim, trim and terrific. I don’t just fall out bed and my weight stays the same. I put regular daily effort into taking care of my health, physically and emotionally.  Maybe this is why I am lucky.

Often people blame their hormones for their health and yes, for women this can be true, however combining the benefits of  taking Chinese medicine and having regular acupuncture treatments has kept me balanced for many years. In addition, I work to keep my body alkaline through my diet, eating god’s garden and making sure I consume green leafy vegetables every day. I consistently exercise three to five times a week, whether walking, bike riding, kayaking, or going to the gym.  This is not a chore but my lifestyle choice, as it invigorates me. All these activities are an important and integral way of life for me and I have maintained them for over 15 years.

But on saying this, I am also very protective of my thoughts, what I say to myself, who and what I listen to. The news is not on my to do list. If I need to know something someone will tell me. Positive thoughts and time out helps me to enjoy my life and to live a terrific life, and maybe this is why I am lucky.

How our bodies break down food is not only related to what we put into our mouths, it is also about what we think each moment of the day, how much exercise we do and whether we nourish ourselves to feel happy.

Enzymes are the workhorse of your body, they breakdown the food you eat so that it can be converted to energy.  Without them you would simply starve, anything you ate would simply pass though your body unprocessed.  Read here to find out more.

The body can be complicated but you can have balance in your health and it is important for women to learn how to take care of their body through food, exercise, their thoughts, and getting professional support for natural treatments.

Yes, maybe I could say maybe I am lucky, because I know how to care for my body and look forward to staying slim trim and terrific for the future.

Our next workshop focuses on the topic of Maintaining a Healthy Weight.  Join our team on Monday 12 October and come and find our some very simple steps that you can incorporate into your daily life to help you achieve both a healthy weight and ongoing wellness.

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