Banksia Women's Healing Centre
Banksia Women's Healing Centre

Natural Therapies in North Brisbane

We offer acupuncture, Acugraph meridian health screening, massage, kinesiology, Chinese medicine, Australian bush flower essences, Young Living essential oils and natural health seminars to help you find your solution to feel calm, relaxed, pain free, healthy and happy naturally.

Pain Relief

There are a suite of solutions to assist you to overcome persistent pain. We’ll get to know you and tailor a custom solution to suit your unique journey from wherever you’re starting.

Energy For Busy Living

There are a number of ways to deal with a lack of energy. The problem could be stress, or you may need detoxifying or hormonal equilibrium, or other causes treated.

Positive Life Transition

Menopause is different for every woman. The symptoms can be terrible, but you can get them and your hormones balanced naturally with a little help.

Wellness Journey Support

We are genuinely interested in you and your health. You will love our support on your journey to maintain and improve your health, instead of going it alone.

As a woman you know what it is like juggling life, feeling overwhelmed with everything you have to do, and at the end of the day feeling so exhausted while trying to rustle up some energy to get everything completed from your day!  This makes you feel stressed, irritable with others leading to tight shoulders, pain and often creating headaches.

Wouldn’t you like to feel calmer, happier, energised and healthy again? Well you can!   At Banksia Women’s Healing Centre we have proven programs to create happy, confident and energetic women who can enjoy the perfect life balance. Our holistic approach covers a wide range of natural health reports, therapies, health care products, treatment and self discovery programs blended into a whole package to make life easy for you.

‘How to Reset Your Original Energy Source with
No Fear, No Hesitation and No Restrictions’

Discover the 7 Storehouses for
“Powerless Exhaustion Rejuvenated”

This Game Changer Reloads
your Vitality, your Heritage and your Lifestyle.
These Compelling Daily Forces Directly Impact on
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The Banksia Bunch is a special group of ladies who have chosen to commit to their wellness journey by undertaking one of our three month (or longer) programs, receiving additional support and education.  Throughout the year we run a regular monthly, relaxed get together and focus on an area of health that is of relevance to the group.

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What Women Think…

“My first impression was that Charmaine was genuinely interested in me and my health. It gave me the feeling that I was not alone on the journey to try and maintain and improve my health. I just loved having the company on the journey.”

“I often fall asleep on the table. I am so relaxed when I walk through that door. A sense of calm comes over you. You just lay there and relax, and get your treatment.”

“My first impressions of Charmaine when I came in was, yeh, she made me feel very calm and relaxed. She also instilled confidence in me, so I felt very confident in what she was telling me. I felt very, very assured that she’d be able to look after my problem and help me.”

“My experience was very positive, supportive. I also learned a lot along the way about food, which will stay with me for the rest of my life because I’m eating a different regime to what I used to eat. Now I have a different lifestyle altogether with food, and it’s much more healthy.”

“What I like about Charmaine is there’s no judgement. She’s very professional. I could tell her anything.”

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