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Amazing Aloe Vera

The Amazing Healing Benefits of Aloe Vera

Many of us may have an Aloe Vera plant in the garden or growing a pot around our homes. It is a valuable source to use for skin burns either from the sun or from a heat source as well as a vast array of other uses.

Believe it or not it actually comes from the same family as pineapples, onions and garlic and there are over 200 aloe species some of which can grow up to two meters tall. Aloe plants love the sun but also will grow in the shade. It is a hardy plant which requires very little care, however the leaves can easily break so make sure it is not in position where people can brush past or trample on it.

Whole leaves can be kept in the refrigerator in a dark container to block out the light. This amazing plant will keep up to a year like this. To get the best benefit use it in slices to apply on the skin, squeezing the gel out is messy and not as effective. This natural remedy is great to take to the beach for holidays effective for sunburn, bites or rashes. A simple application on your skin at dusk will ward off insects plus nourish your skin at the same time.

Within the clinic the use of Aloe Vera juice during the Detox Pathway program and it has been fabulous helping clients to eliminate toxins from their bodies. In addition Aloe Vera Juice has been of benefit to people with digestive concerns, bad breath, skin conditions, gout and mouth ulcers as this healing herb has helped cool the internal body, relieving acidic reflux, ulcers, arthritis and asthma.

Anyone who is going through cancer treatment can be recommended to use Candelabra Aloe, which comes from South America and is traditionally used in a tonic for good health. To make the tonic blend 300g of whole Aloe leaf, then add 500g of natural honey and 750ml of red wine and blend well. Put the mixture in dark bottle and keep in refrigerator. Take a 50ml dose of the tonic half an hour before breakfast, lunch and evening meal each day.

The gel from the Candelabra leaf has also been found to give relief when applied topically for shingles, arthritis and reduce inflammation. In addition using an Aloe Vera poultice is a great reliever of joint pain.

Other uses

  • Vaginal thrush
  • Diverticulitis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Cancerous spots
  • Cracked soles of feet
  • Stretch marks
  • Rough elbows
  • Animal coats
  • Sore gums or mouth ulcers
  • Peptic and duodenal ulcers
  • Haemorrhoids

For relief from haemorrhoids, insert a chunk of peeled aloe half the size of a finger into the rectum after your evening shower. This chunk can first be frozen to make it more rigid to make it easier to insert. A member of our clinic experienced a complete recovery from her painful haemorrhoids, which she had for years having undertaking this treatment along with drinking Aloe Vera juice.

Culinary Uses

Vegetarians often use the cut Aloe Vera leaves in their daily diet for Vitamin B12 benefits. The gel can be mixed with dips and dressings for salads, added to soups, gravies, fruit cups, cream sauces, steamed vegetables, seafood and stewed fruit as well as added to juices and smoothies.


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