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9 Tips to improve difficult Sleeping

Do you have difficult sleeping?

Maybe you drop off to sleep easily but wake throughout the night and then you are wide awake?

Either way difficulty sleeping can be very exhausting, affecting daily activities and personal energy to live life.

These 9 tips are effective to create a healthy pattern for improved deeper sleep.

  1. On waking take five deep breaths before getting out of bed.
  2. Five deep breaths when siting in the car/train/bus going to work
  3. Drink one litre of filtered water during the day
  4. Upon returning home have a glass of filtered water
  5. Relax and eat a healthy dinner at a table
  6. Half an hour before bed turn off any screen, sit to drink a bedtime tea
  7. Put a drop of lavender on base of feet, palm of hands and side temples of eyes
  8. Take 5 deep breathes on lying in bed
  9. Know you have done your best and continue to breathe deeply while going to sleep

If your sleep pattern does not improve, there could be few things why this is happening

  1. liver imbalance affecting hormone balance
  2. not releasing the day before bed creating a worry loop
  3. iron deficiency of not enough blood housing the mind

For assistance to sleep deeper and relax the body and have blissful sleep continually, call to make an acupuncture appointment at Banksia on 33514691

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