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Breast Health

Your breasts could cost $35,000

Most woman have been touched by breast cancer in some way and have seen the physical, emotional and financial effects of this vicious disease on a friend or family member.

There are a number of different things that affect healthy breasts, these include;

  • Trauma or accidents
  • Incorrect nutrition which affects your whole health particularly your liver energy
  • Using unhealthy deodorants that contain aluminium can block your lymphatic ducts
  • Ill-fitting bras can create tension and stuck energy around your breasts
  • Stress and anger – the liver meridian flows into the nipple and the energy of the liver and anger are closely associated

Women’s breasts are composed of fibrous tissue, iodine and lymph glands. Over the course of their lives breasts change due to the monthly cycles, pregnancy, breast feeding and into menopause. It is important to be aware of these changes and what is normal or not. Undertaking regular breast checks and breast massages will keep breasts healthy and alert you to any unusual changes.

Massaging breasts on a regular basis keep the lymph glands working, rid breasts of toxins and help avoid any blockages, that can lead to the development of cancer. Follow these easy steps twice a day:

  1. Place your right hand under your left breast and gently slide your fingers upwards around the outer breast nutureedge of your breast to the top, then place your left hand under your left breast and slide your fingers towards the centre of your ribcage along the edge of your breast to the top. Repeat three times.
  2. Hold your left hand at the base of your breast, while you gently push the right hand over the top of your breast, from the centre of your ribcage to under your left arm pit. Repeat three times.
  3.  Repeat on the other breast

A deeper breast check is vital monthly. Choose the first of the month to be Check Breasts day! Before you get out of bed, gentle massage while lying down and feeling gently around each breast with fingertips in a circular motion. If you are not sure how or are concerned when you do this call us and we can help guide you.

Prevention is always better than a cure.

In addition to regular massage and breast checks, the following tips will help your breast health:

  • Nourish your liver by eating well and staying calm in your life
  • Undertake a daily Sclar massage (oil and details available from the clinic)
  • Put Betadine on your feet and breasts daily
  • Have regular lymphatic drainage massages, three to six times a year
  • Go loose without your bra at some point during the day
  • Use safe deodorants that are aluminium free
  • Exercise and swing your arms regularly
  • Jiggling daily by lymphasizing for 10-20 minutes

If you have any questions about your breast health or other health and wellness concerns please do not hesitate to speak with one of our friendly team at the Banksia Women’s Health Centre.

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