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How much does your health actually cost you?

If you’re like most women, the only time you seek any help with your health is when you’re on your deathbed. The times when you can no longer go to work or run a household. The times when you know if you don’t get help, you’re going to end up in hospital.

But why is it that we wait that long? Why is it that we don’t invest in our own health? In preventing illness rather than just bandaiding when we actually get sick? Many will answer that we don’t have time. Others will answer we don’t have the money. And let’s face it, preventative natural medicine costs more than doing nothing. Or does it?

Instead of asking how much it costs to maintain wellness, the question really should be, how much does it cost you when you get sick?

And  it’s not just the cost of healthcare, medicine and doctors appointments. There’s costs in loss of productivity, possible income loss, time away from family and not-to-mention the emotional and financial effects on your relationship and family. Particularly if we happen to be the one in three women or one in two men who are diagnosed with the big ‘C’.

In the following video Charmaine gives it to you straight about the real costs of your health.


What you do today is what creates your tomorrow.

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