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Stop period pain, embarrassment and exhaustion. Period.

Does your period give you pain, embarrassment, exhaustion?

Recently I asked a woman about her period and what was it like for her. She said it was a bit like a time bomb, she knew it was coming but she was always waiting and watching just in case it might happen at an inconvenient time. Usually 2 weeks prior to her menstruating she felt nausea, headaches, moodiness and lethargy.

On top of that there she felt constant tension with the nausea from the cramping and pain. It didn’t send her to bed but it was draining for her. At first she had dark blood and her period would flood, this meant she would use 2 pads and a tampon at the same time. How uncomfortable is that?

If this was not enough she felt exhausted and drained and her period would linger. She would think the period was finished and then, it would start again, an annoying pest that just wouldn’t leave her alone.

It was not uncommon for her to experience headaches too and she often took a painkiller as a preventive to help get her through her day. Plus she has noticed she was starting to put weight on around her thighs and stomach area making her feel heavy in the legs, uncomfortable and making it difficult for her to exercise.

All of her life this poor woman has been so busy trying to protect herself to save any embarrassment, just getting through those long, dreaded moments of her menstrual cycle. And then, finally after her period finishes she was absolutely exhausted.

Exhausted from the blood loss.

Exhausted from the pain and tension.

Exhausted from juggling her life trying to maintain some level of normality throughout it.

Exhausted from the stress of it all

This cycle has been ongoing for such a long time and this was her ‘normal’. What she thought was normal.

Believe it or not this is not normal.

The menstrual symptoms she experiences monthly are all signs that are things going on in her body which need to be addressed. If she continued untreated  she heightens her risk of other health conditions in her future including fibroids, endometriosis, PCOS or even breast cancer.

Her period should have been an easy routine, a regular 28 day occurrence with no pain, no cramping, an easy flow of blood for 5-7 days, red in colour with no clotting and only using 4 single pads a day. Her life should be relaxed and her period just a tiny blip on her radar. Easy managed.

If any of this sounds familiar to you or one of your friends, just know that you don’t need to put up with the seemingly endless pain and exhaustion any longer.

It is time to take care of you now.

At Banksia Women’s Healing Centre our friendly all-women team and we will help you, just like this lady have a more comfortable life and find yourself healthier, naturally the Banksia Way.

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