11745489_806752399420524_2206537963202484992_nI took up running a few years ago so that I could achieve one of my life goals – to complete a half marathon and to keep fit and trim.

What I didn’t realise was all the other wonderful benefits that I would receive along the way.  Not only was I doing something that was great for my body, giving myself some time out from the daily routine and enjoying getting out in the fresh air, I was also achieving amazing mental clarity.

Running gives you time to think.  When out on my own I had a chance to think about my life and about how I can help my clients. I found myself thinking about each consultation and if there was anything extra that I could do to help my clients improve their health.  Running gives me time to problem solve and reflect and this lightens my load and makes me feel invigorated and refreshed.

Running takes you places.  I love to run along the foreshore close to my home, every day the scenery changes a little and it is wonderful the watch the sun rise and feel connected with the world. When I travel I love to run in the places that we visit, it is amazing the things that you notice when you are on foot.

Running creates new friends.  Sometimes I love to run alone and other days I love to run with company. There have been days that my running partner and I have chatted the whole way around out run and others we have run alongside each other in comfortable silence.  I have chatted to fellow runners as we have waited to start races or out on the course. It seems that runners are a friendly bunch.

Running makes you feel great.  The “runners high” is not a myth, exercise releases your happy hormones.  These Endorphins are released by your pituitary gland, which is located in the base of your brain and make you feel exhilarated and happy and block any feelings of pain.  I love to run in the morning before breakfast and then come home and shower. Breakfast always tastes fantastic after a run!

So running keeps me fit, but it also give me mental clarity, time to get out and enjoy my surroundings and makes me feel fantastic.  Why not try it – you might surprise yourself.

Charmaine Renaud
Owner and lead practitioner