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Detox Benefits: 9 reasons why you Should

There are so many views and opinions on detox and whether it is a good idea or not.  Whether you regularly do detox routines or want to know more about them, there are plenty of great reasons to take care of your body first.  Detox is a way to eliminate all of the toxins from your body and improve health.  Here are 9 reasons why you should detox and benefits of nutrition workshops:

1. You can Loose Weight

Most people believe that it is easy to lose weight on a calories in/out basis, eating less and getting more exercise.  The truth is that the quality of what you eat is much more important than the amount of calories.  For example, if you are eating flour and sugar that can lead to overeating and food addictions.  It can also cause a spike in insulin and inflammation which causes your body to store more belly fat and works to block your ability to feel full after eating. Maintaining a health weight can be tough but  not impossible.

2. You are Going to Feel Better

Detoxing helps you to wake up with energy, vitality and vibrancy.  Even people that are thin can have toxicity symptoms including brain fog, digestive problems, fatigue, allergies, aches and headaches.  A detox helps you to feel better in a short amount of time.  When you eliminate the foods that affect your body in a bad way you start to feel alive once again.

3. You Enjoy Better Sex

All of the body’s systems are based on hormones and it is important to have a healthy balance of insulin.  Your sex hormones and the levels of toxicity in your body are linked intimately and when you detox, you can enjoy normal levels hormones and an increased sex drive once again.  Age has nothing to do with desire, but toxic habits including smoking and drinking along with toxins in the environment can lower the balance of sex hormones.  The hormonal imbalances caused by toxins can ruin your sex life, so detoxification is important at that point.

4. You will be better off when you stop taking Drugs

Whether you are using drugs like cocaine or marijuana or drinking alcohol, stop right away.  Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you can have just one drink or just a little bit of drugs.  The definition of drugs encompasses sugar and processed foods too, because these all affect your body and your hormones.

5. You can increase protein and feel full all the time

Starting with breakfast, eat protein at every meal.  This is a major key to balancing insulin, blood sugar and reducing cravings since you will be sending your liver all of the raw materials it needs to detox.  Protein shakes or eggs are best for breakfast and choose a wide range of fish, seeds, nuts and chicken with each meal.  A protein serving is the size of the palm of your hand.

6. Reboot Yourself

Everyone falls of the wagon occasionally and this means we do not support our health by eating right or taking care of ourselves.  We might over-indulge with rich or bad foods, experience too much stress, not get enough exercise or get enough sleep.  Returning back to basics means eliminate bad foods, getting enough rest, and exercising.

7. You can Refocus

Detoxing helps you to take a close look at what you believe and think and get to the bottom of the choices you make as well as what motivates you.  Once you regain energy and see some weight loss you will feel happier and more motivated to reach your goals.  The elimination of a lot of health problems is a good motivational tool and helps to propel you forward on the road to better health.

8. Strengthens Your Immune System

When the body is cleared of toxins your organs are free to function as they were meant to.  Your immune system will be boosted and you will experience better nutrient absorption.  Light exercise helps to keep the lymphatic system moving so the lymph fluid drains and your immune system is strengthened.

9. Have Clearer Skin

When your body is rid of toxins, your skin will clear and become more radiant.  You will enjoy a glowing appearance that will draw comments from friends and co-workers.

If you have ever considered doing a detox but were worried about what to do, then consider that Banksia Women’s Healing Centre to support you.  We have plenty of experience with guided detox programs and we understand that you need to feel great once again.

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