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Learning to Love Yourself

I live for these moments…

Recently I had a client share with me her journey at Banksia Women’s Healing Centre. As I looked at what she said I thought Yes Yes Yes!

Yes, my team of Banksia has achieved our goal. A goal of empowering a woman to be happy and healthy. Now as she lives on the other side of the world, I know deep in my heart that she will continue to use her 5 routines for her healthy life, that we have shared and she willingly took on board and applied in her life.

Plus, her bonus of meeting the wonderful Banksia Bunch women which have become her friends. These friendships will continue, as will the knowledge she has gained from her treatments to take care of herself, her family and others around her.

It was fabulous to read her words:

Dear Charmaine, Kate and the whole Banksia Team,

Thank you really seems insufficient for all you have done for me. I am a stronger,

happier woman today than I was when I first came to the clinic. I have learned to

accept myself as I am and more importantly to love myself. I have learned that by

taking care of myself I am taking care of those I love. Moving here has been such a

blessing as I’ve met such beautiful, caring people who have each taught me

something about myself. I am grateful for this stop in my journey. So, it’s back to the

States with my arsenal of oils, recipes and affirmations.



Learning to love yourself again (or for the first time) can be a struggle for many of us. But it’s not impossible. And it all starts with you.

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