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Tears of Sadness or Happiness?

As I sit here with tears rolling down my face, tears that have and do cause me embarrassment. Tears that make me so choked up I can not speak. These Tears that represent fear of doing new activities and adventure.  Plus tears that represent my past experiences of my life that have tested and bothered me. On top of all of that there are my tears when someone acknowledges me for what I have done and what I have achieved in my life. Plus when someone pays me a compliment I often find this difficult to accept and for me to acknowledge myself in the same way they do.

Over the years my tears have been about change; stepping out of my comfort zone in my life to do what I know I am meant to do. These are my tears today. They represent letting go of what I know and what I am comfortable doing; to now express my views, my life and my gifts with others. These are abilities I have accomplished in my life and the activities I strive to do. These tears for me are about being exposed to others, being visible and peeling off that extra layer that I have used to protect myself over the years to survive by being hidden.

Yes it is interesting what tears represent, please be aware tears do not always mean sadness or feeling unhappy. My tears usually are tears of fear of change but I know with God’s help all things are possible and that is what I believe. I want to just go out there and do it anyway, tears and all. It doesn’t matter what others think, see or believe about my tears, they are a reflection of my heart, my passion, my desire to move forward.

What do your tears represent?

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