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“I haven’t felt this good for 10 years!”

“I haven’t felt this good for 10 years!”woman happy relaxed

Recently these exact words were said to me by a lady in my clinic.  At first I was gobsmacked and thought how sad that was for her and her family. I felt so sorry for what she had missed out on due to being tired, exhausted and stressed.

Originally when she came to Banksia she was stressed, and when I say stressed she was so busy meeting deadlines this made her uptight.  To add to the stress her husband was also very sick. She was at a point where her children were concerned that she was at breaking point. A point of emotionally falling apart and physically feeling exhausted trying to cope with juggling life and being overwhelmed trying to get everything done.

This lady saw me speak at a function about How Much Does your health cost you, your family, and your work. At this presentation she knew that she needed to make a phone call and do something or otherwise the cost of falling apart could cost her her job and as she was the main bread winner it was time to do something right now.

On her first visit at my clinic she found the acupuncture and massage treatments were for her as she was sooooo relaxed and was happy to have found a way naturally without drugs to help her become more calm and relaxed. As she continued with her acupuncture and massage sessions one day when she was in the clinic she commented that a lady at her work had assumed that she didn’t have any deadlines at that point in time because she didn’t seem her usually stressed and worried self. Her coworker was amazed to know that her workload hadn’t reduced but she had instead found better ways of coping with her work-stress.

Since having started treatment at Banksia, my client has noticed recently that she has started singing on her drive to work and realised she has never felt so good. I am so please for her knowing how wonderful she can feel today. Being at your best impacts on all aspects of your life.

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