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Maintaining a Healthy Weight

ScalesMaintaining a healthy weight can be tough

For some it can be a constant struggle to lose those excess kilos and for others gaining weight can be equally hard.

We are constantly bombarded with new and conflicting information in the media, via the internet and from our friends and families. From low fat/high carb, high protein, Paleo, high fat low carb the list goes on and on.

You may have tried these or similar diets and even added some exercise to your health kick. This may have lasted for a while, but often the willpower fades and the old habits creep back along with the weight that you lost, and sometime a few extra kilos for good measure.

Carrying extra weight on your thighs, hips or stomach can and does lead to health conditions in the future. These include diabetes, fluid retention, digestive disorders and high blood pressure along with feeling generally tired and run down. All of these affect your enjoyment of life.

In years to come, I am sure you will want to have energy and be active to enjoy your life, your grandchildren and travel while being pain free, rather than just surviving day by day while swallowing loads of medications to survive.

So, why does your weight vary?

It could be;

  • Who you are and the habits that you have created
  • That you don’t know what a healthy weight is for your body
  • Your hormones may be playing havoc with your metabolism
  • You have tried and failed so many times to lose weight and now have just given up
  • That you went on holiday and you now can’t shift your kilos
  • That you are too busy to stop and make the change
  • That you don’t know how to maintain a healthy weight

Women can look and feel great in their lives and this is what we do at Banksia Women’s Healing Centre. We empower women just like you to be healthy and happy.

Come along to our next workshop on Monday 12 October and find out just what your healthy weight is and how to reach and maintain this. Click here to book and find our more.

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