sinking feelingHow many times have you put a smile on your face when you feel sad inside?

How many times have you soldiered on when you are just exhausted?

How many times have you gone to do something but forgot what it was?

How many times has fear stopped you from doing things?

How many times has your anxiety wound you up in knots and you feel sick in your stomach?

 Maybe you have felt one or some of the above feelings, but the shackles that tie you down can be your greatest strengths as long as you deal with them. Because if you don’t face these fears they can and will consume the real woman you really are. It is most likely you just don’t want to go there and face these issues, but if you do it is empowering and an uplifting feeling when you take that layer of sadness, exhaustion, and anxiety off.

You actually become lighter, less burdened and your world is less confronting to live in.

My recommendation for you today is throw off those shackles of fear, sadness and anxiety and pretend no longer.

Live your life free and easy