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Finding the child within

In childhood we played games, played dressed-ups, did role plays and we used our imagination endlessly. We climbed trees, made mud pies and got dirty. We clopped around in our mother’s high heels or our father’s big work boots chuckling at the hilarity of ourselves. Oblivious to others’ opinions of our play choices, our actions or how we looked. As children we often played carefree. The only worries that plagued us was at that very point in time that mum caught us launching ourselves off the bed to as we played our favourite (or even made up) superhero. Life was good and simple and it was all about finding our next adventure story. Jumping on the bed

As grown ups, those times of perpetual play seem long gone. And gone are our risky-but-fun behaviours. For some, our safe, adult life may have even become difficult or boring. Our inner child becomes lost to a world of work, stress and responsibility.  Now thrust to a dark corner, knees to chest, chin on knees, saddened that fun no longer exists.

 But releasing that inner child is a choice. We can choose to keep that mischievous childhood character at bay or we can let her (or him) out every now and again, starting with putting a smile on your face (a quick way to get rid of wrinkles too).

Find something to laugh about, maybe a good joke or a funny movie. Play some music you can sing to with all your heart. A song you love and enjoy. And maybe even dance to it. Do something spontaneous. Something silly. Something that makes you laugh at yourself again and entices that child in you out of the darkness.

It only takes a moment and will probably feel alien or silly at first, but I challenge you to do something fun and out of the ordinary. Today.  I guarantee at first it may feel strange, but you will feel much brighter and happier after giving it a go.

Make the most of your life and find that child within again!

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