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How will menopause affect you?

Known as ‘the change’ menopause affects every woman in different ways. Menopause occurs when your ovaries stop producing hormones, in particular oestrogens. It can start as young as early 30’s or as late as in your 40’s or 50’s and the range of symptoms vary as do the women experiencing them. In fact, we’ve all heard stories of menopausal women experiencing symptoms like hot flushes, irritability, mood swings, night sweats, headaches and low libido. Often eyes are rolled and whispers are exchanged about the deranged, red-faced, sweaty middle-aged woman going through the ‘change of life’. Not exactly what you expected from your prime years!

Are these menopausal and seemingly irrational outbursts of tears or anger something you’re expecting or even currently experiencing? If you haven’t yet experienced symptoms of menopause how do you really know which of these symptoms (if any) might be heading your way? Quite often we gauge our expectations on what our memory serves us of what our mother experienced, but the reality is, we won’t really know until it actually happens. And then what?

As women, we are always taking care of everyone else leaving our own needs until last. The bottom of the list. After our children. Our partners. Our friends. Our colleagues..

Only after we’re done caring for everyone else do we even consider taking a moment to care for ourselves. But now is the time to take action, to look after yourself and learn how to improve your health, both emotionally and physically. Putting it off until tomorrow means it will never happen because tomorrow never comes. Seize the moment and seize your health!

At Banksia Women’s Healing you have the opportunity to meet people who can guide and support you. The opportunity to engage with other women who are going (or have been) through a similar journey and hear how they have overcome the menopause trap.

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