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I finally understand – weight and women!

Don’t you just love it when you have that light bulb moment and you finally understand? That sudden feeling of enlightenment.

I am talking about why women put on weight on their hips and why men don’t! I have always thought that it was caused by hormones. But I couldn’t figure out why are some women affected more than others? In fact, some weren’t affected at all.

And then finally it hit me …..

It was the sugar in our foods turning to fat!

During peri menopause women’s oestrogen levels are healthy if they are balanced. But when menopause hits and oestrogen levels drop, this affects the metabolism and the weight starts to creep onto the hips and stomach.

Finally, I know and understand that to maintain a healthy weight and feel trim and terrific we need to keep our hormones and emotions in balance and be mindful of the foods we eat.

No wonder I love what I do, helping women to be happy and healthy.

If you’d like to understand more about how sugar affects your mind and body, feel free to join one of our Beat the Sugar Blues workshops.

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