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Are your Hot Flushes getting you down?

Women just like you often put up with not sleeping. Throwing off the sheets at night to cool down and getting out of bed to change the sheets or pyjamas as you are all wet from the night sweats. This is usually between 3 to 5 times a night especially as our weather warms up. Then there is the embarrassment when you are out at a function and all of a sudden the room feels so hot you are looking for an open window or the cool air-conditioning/fan to settle you down. You feel like you could just explode.

With all this going on your insomnia keeps getting to you as you are sooooo tired from the not sleeping. The getting up and down all night wears you out the next day. No matter what you do as you try to get through your day you just can’t relax and be calm and happy again just like you were 20 years ago.

Or you have those emotional outbursts going from placid to volcanic in a short timeframe when things are not going well, but you just cannot control your reactions and this affects your work, family and anyone who is close to you. Sometimes you don’t even realise how these explosions impact your life and others around you.

Plus your body is just aching all the time and it won’t settle down to let you relax and let you feel comfortable. When you move it hurts, when you sit your body just aches.  There doesn’t seem like there is any help or change in sight for you.

What are your alternatives?

You know you don’t want to go on HRT but what are your alternatives? You can go to the chemist and get something off the shelf and maybe it will work or maybe it won’t. You might say who cares as long as you try something and it might just go away. Believe it or not there is help and you could go to qualified expert Charmaine Renaud BHSc who has been treating women for 19 years and has a proven drug free program to give you real-life tools to feel calm, be happy and in control of your hormones and regain your life.


No more hot flushes, anger outburst, or aches and pain! How wonderful that would be for you and everyone around you.

Now is the time to call Banksia Women’s Healing Centre today on ph 3351 4691 and have your solution for no hot flushes and feeling calmer.

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