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Do Your Hormones Change Like the Weather?

Do your hormones change like the weather?

Being a woman can be a real juggling act. You go about life doing the best you can but when that time of the month comes around things come to a grinding halt and it’s not uncommon for your body to play tricks on you.

That constant feeling of irritability, anxiety or the cravings. The sore breasts and painful or irregular periods that can wipe you out of day-to-day living and your daily chores. Sometimes all you can do is head to bed with a heat pack and wait in pain until it passes. Not enjoyable for you or for your loved ones.

You know that it affects your routine. It affects time with your family and friends. It affects your ‘normality’. Your work colleagues know it’s best to keep at a safe distance for fear of  having their heads torn off! And to make matters worse, you know they mutter derogatory comments behind your back about it being ‘that time of the month’.

Multiply this if you’re trying to fall pregnant and this constant monthly merry-go-round is painful reminder that you’re finding it difficult to fall. Then there is the depression which gets you down because life is not supposed to be like this. Your life feels so overwhelming, exhausting and your energy is so flat. But what can you do about it?

Sure you can pop a pill for your pain.

Or you can just live with it because let’s face it, we’re women and we should just put up with it right?


It doesn’t have to be this way.

At Banksia Women’s Healing Centre we have proven programs to help you be pain free, energised and happy again.

Our holistic natural approach is provided by understanding professional female practitioners through Chinese Medicine plus a number of treatments and services such as acupuncture, Moxa, acugraph, kinesiology and nutrition to relieve your pain. We also work with herbs and minerals that you can take home with you to improve your health now and for your future.

Remember you have to live in your body now and for the rest of your life. Taking time out now to take care for your body will be the best gift you can give yourself and others who live around you this will give you the best chance to be happy and healthy.

Call us today and have hormones under control with your very own natural health solution. Your family, friends and work colleagues will thank you.

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