How do you know if your period is normal? As women we often just get on with things believing that monthly symptoms such as sore breasts, cramps headaches, bloating, bowel changes, fluid retention, acne or mental concerns of irritability, tears, or mood changes are just part of a normal period. The reality is that these are actually signs that your hormones may be out of balance.  

As women we pass through many different life stages, from the child, to teenager, to woman and young mother, on to peri menopause, menopause and finally maturity. All these seasons affect our periods and our hormones, but what is a normal period?

A period can start from the age of 9-17 years and in this world of plastics and hormones in our foods, young girls are frequently getting their first period earlier than their matriarchs.

The following is a general guide for a healthy period:

  • Flow: When menstruation starts using three to five pads a day is about normal, any more than this it is classed as a heavy period.
  • Cycle: A period should be should be every 27 to 30 days on a regular basis.
  • Colour: Different colours represent a variety of health conditions in Chinese medicine, but a normal period is a free flowing red with no clots
  • Pain: There should be no pain associated with your period.

If you’re concerned about your periods, observe your cycle and record your signs and symptoms using a Menstrual Cycle Symptom Diary which are available free of charge on request from our clinic. The recordings of your observations and experiences will assist us as Chinese Medicine Practitioners to determine how to help you become balanced and settled again.

If you have any other signs or symptoms relating to your period that you are concerned about, please contact us at the Banksia Women’s Healing Clinic Brisbane and we can help you go through your monthly cycle easily and painlessly, so that you can get on with enjoying your life.