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Climbing Life’s Mountain

Life’s Mountain: As I climbed Mount Archer in the rain recently it made me reflect on my year and how climbing this mountain, was akin to achieving dreams and goals in life. During nearly the hour-long uphill testing walk, I faced a number of toads, these represented obstacles and people who stand in the way of where we are going, They can make you loose focus on the direction of where you want to go. Like these toads, obstacles can be squashed or knocked out of the way, to soldier on and get to the top.

The misty rain dampened my skin, blurred my vision, represented negative thoughts of where I am going in life. Why am I here, what am I doing and do I really want to do this. These negative thoughts can affect our self-belief and clarity of what we’re trying to achieve in this life. It is vital to protect and guard your mind to be safe, confident and content, connecting with your personal inner strengths. Read more click on blueprint below

The last thing I pondered on, was What was it going to be like once I reached the top of the mountain/goals? Was it going to be what I expected? Was it what I wanted? But the truth is no matter what the end result was, as long as I’d done my best,  focused and keep heading up to the mountain, the end result will be what it will be. At least I made it.

To continue overcoming obstacles, push aside the negative thoughts and continue by giving yourself permission click here to believe in your dreams  and continue to move toward them.

My wish for you is to keep climbing that mountain, keep living life to the full and don’t let anything or anyone stop you from achieving.


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