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Christmas Gift Giving Made Easy

Christmas Gift Giving Made Easy

Forget the chocolates and wine this year and give your friends and family a Christmas gift that will keep them happy and healthy this Christmas and beyond.  The following list gives you lots of healthy Christmas gift ideas to make for everyone on your Christmas gift list.  Happy Shopping!

Energizing Healthy Drinks – Gift Ideas

  • To Refresh Life – Barley water  in a nice bottle plus recipe
  • Relaxing – A teapot with a selection of herbal teas
  • Stay Slim and Trim – A blender with a collection of healthy smoothie recipes
  • The Busy Office Worker – A nice water jug and a glass
  • Fresh and Revitalizing – A juice maker and juice recipes

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Easy Nourishing Foods – Christmas Gift Giving

  •  The Quick Snacker – Rice crackers with homemade dips
  • The Budding Cook – A food processor ad some healthy recipes
  • Know what is good for you – A copy of the Food Pyramid along with a healthy cookbook/recipes/food items
  • To Nourish a Friend – A basket of Homemade healthy muffins/cookies/protein balls wrapped in a Christmas tea towel or try these delicious nut bars
  • Fresh and Invigorating – A basket of summer fruits (mangoes, plums, peaches)
  • Easy Snacks on the Run – A snack pack containing nuts, dried fruit, seeds and Metagenics keto bars
  • Personal Touch to Good Health – Homemade Muesli

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Blissful Christmas Gift Vouchers and Christmas Gift Ideas

  •  A Voucher for a healthy homemade meal on a specific night
  • A Gift Voucher for food/beverage products from Banksia Healing Centre
  • A Gift Voucher for a Fruit and Vegetable Shop or Health Food Store
  • A Gift Voucher to Nourish the health of your loved one for treatments from Banksia Healing Centre
  • Aromatherapy burner and essential oils

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Together these Scrumptious Healthy Christmas Gift Ideas make for a wonderful Christmas Hamper to give a friend or loved one.


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